Can childhood friends become lovers?

September 21, 2016
  • Yes
  • I’m not sure
  • No, it’s weird

Hollywood directors often shoot scenarios of friendship that grows into deeper feelings. And, of course, some people willingly want to believe that in life, just like in films, there are such situations, too. In particular, there is a perception that, for example, in a friendship between a man and a woman, always someone is counting on something more. Often, for a long time, the friends cannot cross the border because they are concerned about how their “friend” will perceive the news about the presence of more than friendly feelings. If people become good friends before they go to love relationships, they are already partly familiar with the habits and character of the chosen person and likely will be better at handling conflicts. Some believe that the relationships that grew from friendship to love are the strongest because friendship in romantic relationships is the key to a lasting union. No relationship can be built solely on the attraction of two bodies. Also, crazy love and passion sooner or later dim. But the union of souls in the form of friendship often lasts for years and even to death. Instead, others believe that friendship and love are completely different feelings and relationships. If people are just friends, they cannot be tied with a love feeling.

So, do you think friendship can grow into love?

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