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Other Relations

Are you artistic?

September 27, 2017

Artistry is the ability to convey emotional information by means of movements, facial expressions, look of the eyes and voice tone. Artistry is an art of reincarnation, the art that allows a person to put on a certain “mask.” Getting into a role, a person temporarily changes their personality, though retaining the deeply personal ‘settings’.

In fact, artistry is needed not only for actors, because it is also important in other areas of activity. For example, its absence would be damaging for businessmen, teachers, journalists, sales representatives and anyone who deals with people. Artistry is also extremely important in everyday life because in order to maintain good relationships it is often more beneficial for us to behave not as we want but as the situation requires.

One of the manifestations of artistry is the ability to hold back one’s own emotions. What does artistry mean, in the first place? First of all, it is a tool for managing yourself and people. Sounds strange, but think: why do people play certain roles? Of course, to get a response in the viewer’s soul. And having achieved the necessary emotions, one can direct a person to the way of reflection that is advantageous to the artist.

So, would you say you are an artistic person?

  • Yes
  • Somewhat
  • No
  • Not sure, I haven’t explored that side of myself

During a fight with a partner, the words exchanged are…

September 21, 2017

Conflicts and quarrels exist in every relationship regardless of how much people love each other. The quarrels arise because all people are different; they have different temperaments, attitudes, habits, and values.

Usually, the argument flares up – and after a certain time the lovers calm down, but the offensive words spoken during the quarrel remain much longer. With this in mind, some believe that an angry person, having lost control, shows the true nature, saying what they really think. Consecutively, it seems that misunderstandings unleash the hands of a person – and they talk about things that, in normal circumstances, would be afraid or unwilling to voice.

Instead, some are convinced that at the moment of the quarrel emotions capture the mind – and the person ceases to reason. In this case, people are guided by hurt and anger. As a consequence, there are labels that hang on a person during a quarrel. Instead of discussing a situation and finding ways to solve a problem, lovers can offend each other, hurt, but this does not mean that they really think such things. Perhaps the one who says offensive words speaks them only to increase the effect during a quarrel.

So, in your opinion, words during a quarrel – true or emotion?

  • Mostly truth
  • Mostly emotion
  • An equal amount of truth and emotion