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Do you think you completely know your partner?

March 28, 2018

If people are married, then it is entirely logical to assume that their partner is the closest person to them. It would seem that you know this person better than any other. But is it so?

Of course, no one can ever say that they know everything about the loved one. There must be a secret, unspoken. Your mutual understanding, and, therefore, on the strength of your family relationships depend on how much you feel this, how soon you hear and understand the partner. The couples who live together in marriage already for several years are more likely to be convinced that they know their partner very well. To them, it seems that things cannot and should not be otherwise because it is with this person that they divide everything from the bed to the house belongings. 

But do partners share with each other their dreams, personal feelings, and troubles, expectations or sexual fantasies? A large number of people hide these because of distrust, which arises and is fueled by poor knowledge of the chosen one. If the spouses knew each other well, they would have more frankly and confidently overcome all the reefs of family life. Mutual understanding between the spouses is a factor that brings happiness and joy to the family life, also preventing insults and conflicts. 

A good, benevolent relationship is the center of love and sincerity. Ideally, spouses should become close friends with each other and try to understand their partner in any difficult situation. 

So, do you think you completely know your partner?

  • Yes, I think I know everything there is to know about him/her
  • At times I think I do, but he/she still surprises me every now and then
  • No. I swear the person I’m married to, or with, is different from the one I met!
  • No, we haven’t been together long enough