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Birth control pills: for or against?

October 4, 2017

Birth control pills are an eternal cause for controversy. Some believe that this is the best way to protect against unwanted pregnancy, while others doubt it, referring to their novelty and side effects. Those who support birth control pills argue that modern contraceptives are based on the minimum content of hormones and therefore they are completely safe for women’s life and health. In addition, combined medications help the female body to normalize the menstrual cycle. Also, this method of preventing pregnancy relieves the concerns about condoms or about the interruption of sexual intercourse. 

However, some people for one reason or another categorically reject the use of contraceptives. Such drugs require strict adherence to the intake schedule, which categorically cannot be skipped. If you do not have a regular partner yet, then this method of prevention should not be the only one for you, because the pills do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, hormonal contraceptives, just as any medications, have a number of contraindications, and there are ongoing disputes about their safety. And most importantly: there are people who, on religious, moral or other beliefs, will never agree to take contraceptives. 

So, what do you think about contraceptives: for or against?

  • I’m definitely in favor of them
  • I’m for, but with reservations
  • I’m against the pills
  • Not sure

Are alcohol and marijuana equally as harmful?

December 27, 2016

Both alcohol and marijuana are considered to be toxic substances. However, both are used by people mainly for recreational purposes – to have fun, to rest. For this reason, both alcohol and marijuana are used primarily at parties, celebrations, big loud companies, and so on. Yet is it ok to compare the two in terms of the effect they have on the human body? In fact, for each person, both alcohol and marijuana have an individual influence. Someone may just have a good time and become cheerful; others may slow down in their reactions; still, for others, there will be a panic and sometimes even a depression. The duration of the effect of these substances also varies individually. At the same time, both alcohol and marijuana are recognized as narcotic substances. And the effect of drugs, as is known, is the effect on the change of consciousness. In this case, the effect goes away – the consequences remain.

So, what do you think, are alcohol and marijuana the same in their effect?

  • Yes
  • Alchohol is worse
  • Marijuana is worse
  • Not sure