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Does art imitate life?

December 9, 2016

Art is a part of human life that appeared after a man came to this world. We live, we get to know the environment and people, we gain experience. On the one hand, man can not create the Beautiful from nothing: any work of art is a consequence of information that a person receives throughout life. Forms, sounds, colors, words – all of this we learn in the process of life, which, in the end, gives to the world – music, paintings, poems, etc. A person rethinks what they see and feel – it would seem that art is born precisely this way. Through the simulation of life. On the other hand, contemporary art in its diversity is often detached from life. For example, abstract art (abstractionism), which today is one of the most popular genres. This is a creation of the artistic imagination, the fruit of his mind, which does not remind us of our reality at all.

So, do you think art imitates life?

  • Yes
  • No