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Are old school video games more enjoyable than modern ones?

December 10, 2016

The development of technology has brought in our lives a variety of video games, most of which are associated with childhood and, perhaps, youth. The nineties and the beginning of the millennia had their cult games, but now there are countless numbers of these. Given the information and technological development, there is a debate: what games, old or modern, are the best? On the one hand, the old video games are the first love of gamers, which allowed us to learn how to perceive computer graphics; at that time, they contained enthusiastic quests and highly individual storyline; in addition, the very old video games serve as a reminder of our childhood, which causes nostalgia. On the other hand, today a huge number of new video games are being released, with emphasis on graphics and music support as well as on functionality.

So do you think old video games are more fun than the modern ones?

  • Yes
  • No

Some consider chess to be a sport; if we accept this as true, should video games also be considered a sport?

In any sport, an athlete tries to prove himself. Whether it’s boxing, track and field or weightlifting, the necessary condition is the presence of a strategy. The athlete aims to achieve a particular result, which he can make only in the course of regular training. All this allows us to consider chess as a kind of sport in which intellectual and physical activity ( endurance during long hours ), creative thinking and a good memory are the keys to victory.

Thus, identification of sport as a purely physical activity is a relic of the past. Any activity that involves rivalry, as well as the one in which appropriate infrastructure and organization exist, – can be considered as a sport. Alternatively, is it possible to regard sport as an activity that is related exclusively to mental and intellectual activity, such as video games, the essence of which is spending a considerable number of hours by the computer with the relative absence of body movement?

  • Yes
  • No