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Can you call yourself a good teacher?

March 30, 2018

Agree, nobody wants to answer this question negatively, because we all think our own way of upbringing as the only correct and most effective one. However, in such a matter, excessive self-confidence can lead to entirely different result from what one wanted. 

The upbringing of a child is a responsible mission because the way your child will grow up to a large extent depends on the education. There are many pitfalls here: one wrong decision can lead to destructive consequences, which cannot always be corrected. All parents occasionally make mistakes in raising their children, because ideal parents simply do not exist. 

Our reaction to children who from time to time misbehave can be either devastating or promote the development of a child’s sense of self-confidence, which, in turn, is a tough task for parents. The main thing in this regard is to develop the positive qualities of your child actively. Praise deservedly, because the children perfectly feel an insincerity. It is critical not to break the personality of the child so that they are independent, able to master oneself in different life situations. All these qualities are reflected in the behavior, physical and mental health of the child. 

Undoubtedly, the absolute majority of parents want to see their children healthy, successful and intelligent, but for this, above all, one needs to work on oneself and one’s model of relations with the child and its upbringing. 

So do you think you are a good teacher?


  • 1. Yes, of course, I believe my style of upbringing is effective and correct
  • 2. 50/50, there are complicated moments and misunderstandings, but I'm working on it
  • 3. No, for one reason or another, I cannot call myself a good educator, it is difficult for me to bring up children
  • 4. Difficult to say

Are you satisfied with your household activities?

March 28, 2018

In the minds of many people, there is a deeply rooted stereotype phrase that daily housekeeping destroys love and mutual understanding between the marriage partners. Sometimes it even happens that a loving couple can divorce, on the background of misunderstanding in home affairs, because these bring about quarrels, scandals, which ultimately negatively affect the stability and harmony of relationships. 

But you will agree that daily housekeeping is all our life because from small scenes and situations form a single picture, a certain interconnection, including among the partners. Indeed, can such a warm and gentle feeling as love be ruined by insults, arguments, and reproaches about one of the partners buying something wrong, did not take the garbage out or failed to wash their own dishes? 

When people don’t live together, they do not solve small daily problems and issues, they are happy together and feel good, shopping for them is a pleasure, going out for a BBQ is a joy. But everything changes when we are close to each other every day. 

Why do we stop sincerely rejoicing for the trip to the countryside, constantly argue and quarrel while gathering things, scream at each other and try to sting? Some couples try to remember all the past insults, instead of rejoicing in family life and happiness together. One of the main reasons for cooling relations in the first year of marriage, according to a study in the US journal Family Relations, is the argument about who should take out the garbage or go to the supermarket. 

Of course, this is not the case for everyone, many enjoy the pleasure of living and spending time together. People are happy when they are together buying products or cleaning the house; they have fun doing together even everyday things because they help each other and enjoy every second of such a life, regardless of what they do. Maybe such people know the secret of family happiness? 

Meanwhile, domestic problems, in particular, difficulties, can bring people closer, make the family stronger, since solving common issues always involves the participation of both people who are jointly responsible for this. 

So, are you satisfied with your household activities?


  • 1. Yes, quite, it's not a problem in my marriage
  • 2. 50/50, there are misunderstandings, but we are working on it
  • 3. No, daily graft spoils relationships and leads to quarrels

How do you feel about remarrying?

March 27, 2018

All married couples, starting a common life, hope to live it happily for a long time. But this is not the case for everyone. According to statistics, 40% of marriages end up in divorce. 

After some time, when the divorce process is in the past and passions subsist, a significant number of people are beginning to think about the possibility of remarriage. Such thoughts are absolutely normal since people seek happiness. If the first marriage did not succeed, then you should neither despair nor assume that life is over. 

Some believe that remarriage is an excellent opportunity to build a family life. Perhaps this attempt is not so emotional and romantic, but it is more insured against the surprises and mistakes of the youth. Just recall, how often you’ve said to yourself: “If only I knew then…” Now you know – and you have the opportunity not to repeat the past mistakes. 

Remarriage usually starts from the assessment of the personality rather than from strong emotions, love grows over the years, and this process requires patience and effort. For some, remarriage is another attempt to become happy, while others, for whatever reason, are negative and somewhat skeptical about remarrying.

So, what do you think about remarrying?

  • 1. I support it; this is a chance to be happy and build a life with the person you love
  • 2. I have nothing against it, but only if partners understand the mistakes of the past and aren’t going to repeat them in the new marriage
  • 3. I do not support it; the marriage must be concluded only once in a lifetime
  • 4. I don’t support it because I see no sense in it; if a person wasn’t able to cope with problems in one marriage, they unlikely to succeed in the next one
  • 5. I'm against marriage in general
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