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Are you a good teacher?

March 30, 2018

“Put the phone away or I’ll take it.” 

“But, miss, I was just looking up info for the question you asked.”

“What did I ask?”

“Uh… It was, you know, about right angles and stuff.”

“Right angles? You do realize this is English class?”

A scenario such as this has played out in classrooms across the country, but one doesn’t have to be employed by a school district to be a good teacher. Patience, knowledge, and the ability to convey information in an engaging way are qualities most often found in great educators. 

Do you possess these qualities? Can you call yourself a good teacher?

  • Absolutely
  • Somewhat, it depends on my mood, or some other factor(s)
  • Not at all
  • I’m not sure, that’s what schools are for

Are your children assigned chores?

March 28, 2018

In the minds of many people, there is a deeply rooted stereotype phrase that daily housekeeping destroys love and mutual understanding between the marriage partners. Sometimes it even happens that a loving couple can divorce, on the background of misunderstanding in home affairs, because these bring about quarrels, scandals, which ultimately negatively affect the stability and harmony of relationships. 

But you will agree that daily housekeeping is all our life because from small scenes and situations form a single picture, a certain interconnection, including among the partners. Indeed, can such a warm and gentle feeling as love be ruined by insults, arguments, and reproaches about one of the partners buying something wrong, did not take the garbage out or failed to wash their own dishes? 

When people don’t live together, they do not solve small daily problems and issues, they are happy together and feel good, shopping for them is a pleasure, going out for a BBQ is a joy. But everything changes when we are close to each other every day. 

Why do we stop sincerely rejoicing for the trip to the countryside, constantly argue and quarrel while gathering things, scream at each other and try to sting? Some couples try to remember all the past insults, instead of rejoicing in family life and happiness together. One of the main reasons for cooling relations in the first year of marriage, according to a study in the US journal Family Relations, is the argument about who should take out the garbage or go to the supermarket. 

Of course, this is not the case for everyone, many enjoy the pleasure of living and spending time together. People are happy when they are together buying products or cleaning the house; they have fun doing together even everyday things because they help each other and enjoy every second of such a life, regardless of what they do. Maybe such people know the secret of family happiness? 

Meanwhile, domestic problems, in particular, difficulties, can bring people closer, make the family stronger, since solving common issues always involves the participation of both people who are jointly responsible for this. 

So, are you satisfied with your household activities?


  • Yes, I believe it instills a set of values like hard work and responsibility
  • Sometimes, or as a form of punishment
  • No, my spouse and I clean the house
  • No, we let a housekeeper handle the cleaning duties

If you’ve divorced before, would you remarry?

March 27, 2018

How’s the saying go… If at first you don’t succeed, keep marrying until you find the one? 

Obviously, the above statement was made in jest, but for those who have been through a divorce, if you found someone else you believed could be a partner for life would you go through the process all over again?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m not sure