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Are you a good teacher?

March 30, 2018

“Put the phone away or I’ll take it.” 

“But, miss, I was just looking up info for the question you asked.”

“What did I ask?”

“Uh… It was, you know, about right angles and stuff.”

“Right angles? You do realize this is English class?”

A scenario such as this has played out in classrooms across the country, but one doesn’t have to be employed by a school district to be a good teacher. Patience, knowledge, and the ability to convey information in an engaging way are qualities most often found in great educators. 

Do you possess these qualities? Can you call yourself a good teacher?

  • Absolutely
  • Somewhat, it depends on my mood, or some other factor(s)
  • Not at all
  • I’m not sure, that’s what schools are for
  • Yes, I believe it instills a set of values like hard work and responsibility
  • Sometimes, or as a form of punishment
  • No, my spouse and I clean the house
  • No, we let a housekeeper handle the cleaning duties