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Basic RGB
How do you feel about those who are happily child-free?
  • I agree with the stereotypes
  • I don’t judge, it’s their choice
  • I envy them
  • I am one of these people
The choice of having children—or rather, the choice of not having them—is a topic that never really goes out of style. Whether you’re leafing through…
Human embryo inside body
If you knew during pregnancy your child would be born with at least one mental or physical disability, what would you do?
March 25, 2018
  • Nothing. I’d have the baby as scheduled
  • I’d allow the birth if the disability wouldn’t compromise the overall health of my child
  • I’d want an abortion
  • I’d let my partner make the decision
  • I’m not sure
The question of what one might do if they knew their unborn child would have a disability is deeply personal and multifaceted. For many, it’s…