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Other Sports

Some consider chess to be a sport; if we accept this as true, should video games also be considered a sport?

December 10, 2016

In any sport, an athlete tries to prove himself. Whether it’s boxing, track and field or weightlifting, the necessary condition is the presence of a strategy. The athlete aims to achieve a particular result, which he can make only in the course of regular training. All this allows us to consider chess as a kind of sport in which intellectual and physical activity ( endurance during long hours ), creative thinking and a good memory are the keys to victory.

Thus, identification of sport as a purely physical activity is a relic of the past. Any activity that involves rivalry, as well as the one in which appropriate infrastructure and organization exist, – can be considered as a sport. Alternatively, is it possible to regard sport as an activity that is related exclusively to mental and intellectual activity, such as video games, the essence of which is spending a considerable number of hours by the computer with the relative absence of body movement?

  • Yes
  • No