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How do you feel about the agreement between D. Trump and E. Macron to answer Assad in case of a new chemical attack?

September 20, 2017

Presidents of France and the US Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump have agreed on a joint response in the event of a new chemical attack by Syria. Thus, in May 2017, Human Rights Watch accused Damascus of systematic use of chemical weapons in Syria, including against the civilian population. This statement was preceded by the fact that on April 4, the Khan-Sheikhun settlement in the Syrian province of Idlib was subjected to a chemical attack. In turn, London-based Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitoring reported that more than 80 people died as a result of a chemical attack. According to the Turkish agency Anadolu, 100 people were killed and another 500 injured. In response to the chemical attack, US launched a missile strike at Shira bat airbase. According to the US military, it was the airbase for planes that were deployed in the chemical attack. The US says that Bashar Assad’s regime is responsible for the chemical attack. Instead, Damascus denies its involvement. Despite Washington accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of preparing a potential chemical weapons attack in Syria, the US Department of State refused to disclose evidence of such preparation, saying that this is an intelligence issue. As a result, White House spokesman Sean Spicer stressed that “Damascus will pay a high price if Assad will carry out another mass murder.” Paris also warned Damascus earlier that France could unilaterally initiate air strikes on facilities in the country.

So, how do you feel about the agreement between D. Trump and E. Macron to answer Assad in case of a new chemical attack?

  • I support it, only a collective action can influence terrorist attacks
  • I don't support it, this is a manifestation of force, the USA and France should not interfere
  • Difficult to say

How do you feel about D.Trump’s nomination of Christopher Wray to the position ofFBI Director?

US President D. Trump handed over to the US Senate for approval the candidacy for the post of FBI Director instead of retired James Comi. The US President retired the former head of the FBI James Comi on May 9, stressing that he was not happy with the latter’s work. After J. Komi was suddenly dismissed by the decision of US President Donald Trump, the White House communique said that the search for a candidate for a new FBI director would begin immediately. In the end, the White House Press Office circulated a list of nominations from the D. Trump administration for the Senate, including Christopher Rey from Georgia, who previously served as Assistant Justice Minister, US Attorney General in criminal cases. Mr. Trump himself called Wray as a qualified specialist and stressed that this candidate in the past coordinated the actions of the US Department of Justice in the war on terror after the September 11, 2001 attacks.  D. Trump expressed confidence that Wray, in case of approval of his candidacy by the Senate, would become “an inviolable guardian of the law.”

For his part, Wray stated that for him, D. Trump’s decision is a great honor. He promised that he would serve the law impartially if the upper house of Congress approved the appointment proposed by the President. In a written statement circulated on the occasion of the Wray’s nomination for approval by the Senate, he expressed the view that “America faces serious threats” both inside the country and abroad. At the same time, Wray assured that, in case of approval of his candidacy, he would adhere to the Constitution and laws of the United States.

So, how do you feel about D.Trump’s nominee for the position of FBI Director?

  • I support it, this is a good choice
  • I don't support it, I believe that there are better candidates for this post
  • I don't care
  • Difficult to say

How do you feel about D.Trump’s Migration Decree?

The US enacted restrictions on entry for the citizens of six mainly Muslim countries, as well as the notion on termination of refugee intake for a period of 120 days. Thus, the 90-day ban on entry into the US applies to citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. However, restrictions should not be used to those who have close relatives in the US, a business, valid visa or citizenship, as well as those who have studied or are currently studying in the country. It is also noted that the brides are close relatives, and therefore have the right to enter the US. US President Donald Trump called the Supreme Court ruling a clear victory for US national security. The January Decree of D. Trump on temporarily limiting the entry of citizens from seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations has led to criticism from the UN, human rights organizations and public figures – both in the United States and beyond. Then, Federal Court in New York then imposed a temporary ban on expulsion of migrants with valid US visas from US airports. In early February, the Federal Court in Seattle (Washington) completely stopped the Decree. After that, D. Trump signed a new Decree of similar content, but with somewhat softer wording. However, the second Decree was blocked, too. This variant of the Decree differed, in particular, by exclusion of Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens were prohibited from entering the US. In addition, it goes on to say that the prohibition does not apply to Green Card holders, who qualify for permanent residence in the United States.

So, how do you feel about D.Trump’s Migration Decree?

  • I support it, this is one of the mechanisms of guaranteeing and enhancing security
  • I don't support, it reduces the attractiveness of the US and in particular its supreme power
  • Difficult to say