What type of relationship do you most support?

September 21, 2017
  • Monogamy
  • Polygamy
  • Polyandry
  • Polyamory

Monogamous people are devoted only to one person throughout life; they rarely change the addressee of their feelings. They simply do not need to spend energy and emotions in order to rebuild and redraw their private lives. If a monogamist falls in love, this is definitely for a long time!

Those lucky ones who have found their second half can even start planning on how many children they will have and where they will celebrate the Golden Wedding. While those who are not lucky enough to link their lives with the subject of deification, re-read the old letters, flip through the albums with faded photographs and dream of the old times.

Monogamists, who are still not included in the Red Book, originate in strong and friendly families, where the father gave flowers to the mother, while mother, gently smiling, cooked lunch and dinner. Looking at such family idyll, the children usually want to have it in their own family. This wonderful undertaking requires a trusted associate.

But here comes the tricky bit: according to the well-known law of obstinacy, the favorite targets of monogamists are usually the frivolous and freedom-loving personalities. In view of this, monogamists are suffering from the frivolity of their second half. After all, the dream of a monogamist is to meet one and only one, to love them and to devote the entire life to them. The soul of the monogamist is vulnerable. Suffering from insults, such people can quiet down and close up for a long time. While communicative and impulsive ones begin being jealous and quarrelsome.

The fact of the existence of monogamous people does not leave anyone indifferent. Some shake their heads, others dream of finding such people, yet others shrink back from lifelong fidelity as a devil from holy water. But monogamists do not even notice this, they are busy with other things – yep, they faithfully love their other halves! So can you call yourself a monogamist?

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