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Are you a hipster?

February 20, 2018
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Hipster culture has seeped its way into almost every aspect of contemporary life, from the craft beer you’re sipping to the vinyl records now collecting dust in your living room. But the million-dollar question that might have even Socrates scratching his beard is: Are you a hipster?

And before you roll your eyes and mumble “mainstream,” hear us out. Your answer to this seemingly straightforward question can reveal much about you. Plus, it can lead to some fun introspection.

The Concept of the Hipster

A hipster is not just a label; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a term widely used to describe a subculture primarily consisting of millennials and younger folks who diverge from mainstream society in their love for alternative art, indie music, and a “too cool for school” attitude toward fashion. The Oxford Dictionary describes a hipster as “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.”

As Norman Mailer, the American writer, once observed, “Hip is the sophistication of the wise primitive in a giant jungle.” Mailer’s remark encapsulates the ethos of the hipster as someone in a constant state of rebellion against conventional thinking.

Why Choose “Yes, I’m a Hipster”?

If you resonate with the spirit of being outside the mainstream, then clicking “Yes” is a no-brainer. You probably love exploring local art scenes, shopping at thrift stores, and boasting a fashion sense that’s a walking tribute to bygone eras mixed with modern swag. You find joy in being a non-conformist and think of yourself as a trendsetter rather than a trend-follower.

The choice to identify as a hipster may come with its perks. According to a report by Eventbrite, those who identify as hipsters are 62% more likely to value experiences over material things than the general population. These experiences range from attending an underground gig to taking a pottery class on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Why Choose “No, I’m Not a Hipster”?

Saying “No” is a ticket to saying you align more with mainstream culture or perhaps, other subcultures. The mainstream is not a barren wasteland; it’s filled with exciting trends, blockbuster movies, and chart-topping hits, and yes, mainstream isn’t a dirty word.

Rejecting the hipster label doesn’t make you any less unique or interesting. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 61% of millennials resist the “millennial” label, which could extend to other labels like ‘hipster.’ You could be an avid Marvel fan, a country music enthusiast, or someone who just enjoys a good ol’ Big Mac without needing to try that new vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly burger pop-up down the street.

The Gray Area

Life is not always black and white; sometimes, it’s a moody, Instagram-filtered shade of gray. Some people find themselves straddling the fence between mainstream and alternative. You could love both indie films and Marvel movies or enjoy a local craft beer while also sipping on some Bud Light now and then. Life’s too short to box yourself in.

David Byrne, the musician and co-founder of Talking Heads, once said, “Labels are for cans, not people.” So, if you find yourself in this gray area, you’re in good company.

The Cultural Impact

A conversation about hipsters would only be complete with discussing their impact on society. From rejuvenating local economies by supporting small businesses to being early adopters of eco-friendly practices, the influence of the hipster subculture is noteworthy.

A study from the Harvard Business Review highlighted that neighborhoods frequented by hipsters often see a rise in property values. This can be both good and bad. While it does point to economic revitalization, it also raises concerns about gentrification.

The Takeaway

To sum it up, whether you choose “Yes” or “No,” both choices are equally valid and come with their own joys and challenges. The term “hipster” is not a one-size-fits-all label; it’s a colorful tapestry of individual choices and tastes.

So go ahead, take that poll, but remember: You do you. Labels can be limiting, and whether you consider yourself a hipster or not, what matters most is that you’re true to yourself.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, “I was into being a hipster before it was cool,” congrats, you’ve just achieved peak hipsterdom.

Remember, the question isn’t just “Are you a hipster?” but also “What does it mean to you to be a hipster?” So, click away! Your answer might just surprise you.

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