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Should men make the first move?

February 17, 2018
  • Yes, almost always
  • No, anyone can make the first move in this day and age
  • No, women should take the initiative

Welcome to the rollercoaster world of dating in the USA, where who makes the first move is a question as old as John Travolta’s dance moves in Saturday Night Fever. So, should men always step up to the plate first? Or have we evolved beyond these traditional roles? Grab your popcorn, because we’re about to dissect this cinematic dilemma.

1. “Yes, almost always”: The Traditional Approach

There’s a certain charm in tradition. Think about those timeless romantic movies like The Notebook. Remember when Noah tirelessly pursued Allie? It’s the classic, never-give-up, grand gesture love story that can still make hearts flutter. The idea of men making the first move carries a legacy that, for some, feels as comfortable as a cozy blanket on a cold night.

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Jane Austen once wrote, “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” In this perspective, men making the initial move ensures clarity and takes the guessing game out of the equation for women.

Why Choose This? For those who love a bit of old-world charm, this choice may feel right. Tradition has its appeal, offering a well-trodden path and clear roles for everyone involved.

2. “No, anyone can make the first move in this day and age”: The Progressive Approach

In an age where Reese Witherspoon teaches us the art of bending and snapping in Legally Blonde, the idea of anyone making the first move is refreshing. Progression in gender roles and the ongoing fight for equality mean that it’s no longer just a man’s job to initiate.

A recent survey revealed that 6 out of 10 people believe that it doesn’t matter who makes the first move as long as there’s genuine interest. The shift from tradition may also be influenced by the rise of online dating, where a simple swipe can be the start of something new. Here, both parties are equally empowered to express interest.

Why Choose This? For the modernists and those who believe in tearing down restrictive gender norms, this is the choice that echoes freedom and equality.

3. “No, women should take the initiative”: The Role Reversal

Enter the world of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Remember the shy, reticent Toula? Yet, she took the initiative, and her bold move led to an unforgettable love story (and a wedding that none of us will ever forget). Taking the initiative can be empowering, and for some, the idea of women making the first move is enticing.

woman leaning towards a man on the couch

Oscar Wilde humorously noted, “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” In this light, women making the first move isn’t just about breaking stereotypes. It’s about flipping the power dynamic, challenging norms, and steering the narrative.

Why Choose This? This approach challenges tradition and emboldens women to be the captains of their own love ships. If you’re all about that empowerment, this might be the ticket for you.

Let’s Get Cinematic

If we had to pull out a common thread from these approaches, it’d be movies. Remember the heart-wrenching first move in The Fault in Our Stars or the audacious one in Crazy, Stupid, Love? It goes to show that every approach can script a blockbuster story.

Dating, much like cinema, is about storytelling. Who makes the first move? Well, the plot can twist in any direction. The hero can be anyone, and the ending? Well, that’s for you to write.

Whether you’re channeling your inner Ryan Gosling or embracing your Reese Witherspoon, remember that in the vast screenplay of love, making the first move is just the opening scene. The real magic lies in everything that follows. So, roll the credits, and let your heart decide the next scene.

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