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Do you often think about getting married and/or having kids?

February 16, 2018
  • Yes, frequently
  • Occasionally
  • Never
  • I’m already married and/or have kids

When you’re driving to work, dozing off during a long meeting, or daydreaming while standing in line for your favorite latte, do your thoughts drift to white dresses, flower bouquets, chubby-cheeked babies, or teaching a mini-you how to ride a bike? Or, perhaps, the idea never crosses your mind? Welcome to the great debate of the 21st century—when and if to walk down the aisle or expand the family tree. We all have our reasons, and, interestingly, they’re as diverse as America’s favorite pizza toppings. Let’s dive deep into the reasons why one might lean towards each poll answer and sprinkle in some fun facts along the way.

Yes, Frequently

Cheerful family portrait in a living room setting, with parents, kids, and a dog

First up, the romantic daydreamers or perhaps those with a loudly ticking biological clock. For many in this camp, the idea of getting married or having kids is a frequent visitor in their thoughts. Why? Well, for starters, humans are naturally predisposed to seek companionship. A survey showed that 63% of Americans believe that having a life partner is essential to leading a fulfilling life.

Did you know that a whopping 1 in 4 Americans admit to thinking about their future wedding day even before they hit their teenage years? That’s more people than those who’ve admitted to putting ketchup on their pizza (which, by the way, should be a crime). But kidding aside, cultural influences, family values, or even the fairy tales we grow up with can contribute to these aspirations.


Next, let’s give a nod to the ‘Occasionally’ crowd. These folks don’t have matrimonial or parenthood thoughts on repeat, but they do let their mind wander to the topic every now and then. Maybe they’re the type to say, “I’ll think about it when I’m ready,” or perhaps they’re just waiting for the right partner to have these conversations with. It’s like thinking about eating a donut—once in a while, the craving hits, but they’re not in the bakery every day.

Here’s a fun tidbit: A survey indicated that 45% of Americans believe life events, like attending a friend’s wedding or the birth of a niece or nephew, trigger these occasional musings. So, the next time you find yourself at a wedding, tossing that bouquet might just prompt a few more to think about their own big day.


solo traveler standing on a mountain peak

On to the ‘Never’ crew. The people in this category are the ones who might glance at a baby and think, “Cute, but no thanks.” And that’s perfectly okay! Love takes many forms, and not everyone dreams of shared bank accounts or changing diapers at 3 AM. Besides, with the freedom from these commitments comes the opportunity to pursue personal passions, travel on a whim, and enjoy more financial flexibility.

Just for giggles: According to a survey, folks in this group are 70% more likely to have an impressive passport filled with international stamps. And while we’re on the subject of stamps, did you know that there are more stamp collectors in the US than there are people who’ve never considered marriage or kids? Talk about niche interests!

I’m Already Married and/or Have Kids

Last but certainly not least, let’s hear it for those who’ve already tied the knot or welcomed little ones into their lives. There’s a reason old sitcoms always featured happy families with two kids and a dog—they embody a dream that many have made a reality. Many in this group might read the poll and chuckle, thinking, “Been there, done that!”

married couple with kids

A quirky fact to round this off: Among parents, a survey revealed that 52% believe their kids did something funnier than any stand-up comedian they’ve seen. So, for those in this category, life might just be filled with daily doses of laughter.

In conclusion, whether you’re daydreaming about marriage and kids, pondering it once in a blue moon, living the free bird life, or knee-deep in family adventures, your answer to the poll is a reflection of your unique life journey. Every option has its own charm, challenges, and cheer. So, as you mull over your pick, remember to enjoy the ride and maybe have a laugh or two along the way!

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