Mother breastfeeding her little baby

Do you regret having children when you had them?

March 28, 2018
  • Yes, I was too young at the time
  • No, the timing was perfect
  • The pregnancy wasn’t planned, but I have no regrets
  • Yes, I wish I was younger when I had them
  • Yes, I never planned to have children and regret it now
  • I regret that I‘ve never had children

Diving into the deep end of the parenting pool, let’s splash around in the thoughts of those who’ve ventured into the realm of reproduction at various times in their lives.

A young parent juggling baby items like a diaper bag, toys, and a stroller

Yes, I was too young at the time

Imagine being handed the keys to a minivan instead of a sports car on your 21st birthday. That’s the vibe of those who tick this box. They might have been planning their next college party, not a baby shower. It’s the plot twist in the sitcom of life, where the protagonist finds themselves with a baby carrier instead of a beer pong table.

serene family scene with parents and children, perfectly balanced and harmonious, in a cozy home setting

No, the timing was perfect

Then there are the planners, the ones whose life milestones click into place like a well-constructed Lego set. They had children when their careers, relationships, and bank accounts were ready, not just their Pinterest boards. These folks probably view parenting like a well-timed symphony, where every diaper change and school run is perfectly orchestrated.

The pregnancy wasn’t planned, but I have no regrets

Life threw them a curveball, and they caught it with both hands and a baby blanket. They’re the improv comedians of parenthood, turning an unplanned pregnancy into an opportunity for growth, love, and a new level of multitasking. It’s the narrative of turning a bloop into a home run, embracing the unexpected with open arms (and probably a lot of coffee).

An older parent playing with young children in a park, showing a mix of joy and exhaustion

Yes, I wish I was younger when I had them

Now, let’s talk about the late bloomers, the ones who think they missed the early bird special on parenting. They dream of chasing toddlers with the energy of a twenty-something, not the caffeine-fueled stamina of their current age. It’s like wishing to join the rock band in their heyday rather than at the reunion tour.

Yes, I never planned to have children and regret it now

These are the folks who thought ‘child-free’ was their forever mood, only to find the silence in their house too loud. It’s like buying a ticket to solo travel the world, only to realize you wanted a travel buddy all along. They’re the plot twist in their own life story, discovering a desire for family life after chapters of solo adventures.

A person looking through a window at a joyful family scene outside, portraying a sense of longing and missed opportunity

I regret that I’ve never had children

And then there are those gazing wistfully at playgrounds, regretting they never joined the ranks of sleep-deprived, story-reading, pancake-making parents. They’re like the people who always say they’ll see the world’s largest ball of twine “next summer,” but never do.


In the whirlwind narrative of parenting, from the first cry to the empty nest, every parent’s journey is a blend of meticulously planned pathways and spontaneous detours. The timing of when one joins the parent club might be marked on a calendar or surprise you like an unannounced visit from a long-lost friend. It’s a story of early mornings, late nights, and the laughter that fills the spaces in between.

This poll peels back the curtain on the myriad experiences and feelings around the timing of parenthood. Now, it’s your turn to contribute to this tapestry of parental timelines. Cast your vote in this poll and share your unique story or perspective in the comments below. Let’s dive into the fascinating statistics that emerge, revealing the shared and diverse journeys of parents across the nation.

By participating, you’re not just adding a number to a dataset; you’re enriching the conversation with your slice of life, offering insights and camaraderie to fellow navigators of the parenting odyssey. Whether you’re a planner, a spontaneous adventurer, or somewhere in between, your voice adds depth and dimension to the collective narrative of family life.

So, let’s continue the dialogue, sharing laughs and lessons along the way. Vote, comment, and explore the stats. Together, we’re sketching the vibrant mosaic of parenthood, painted with the brushstrokes of our varied experiences and unified by the shared journey of raising the next generation.

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