christmas tree
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  • Artificial

Christmas is the most beloved holiday of many children and parents, full of warm and fairytale atmosphere. It is on Christmas days that incredible miracles occur, cherished desires are fulfilled, children are waiting for Santa Claus and presents. Snow and frost paint patterns on the windows, adults decorate buildings and surrounding streets, put Christmas tree and light up colored lights. Only a few families set up and decorate a real Xmas tree, others choose an artificial one. Both sides can be understood. Those who do opt for a natural tree, just cannot do otherwise: this tree reminds their own childhood with sweets and tangerines, it has a specific smell of the forest, associated with warm memories. Moreover, this tree is just adored by children. Conversely, those who prefer an artificial tree, explain their choices by the necessity to save money (once you buy an artificial tree, you do not have to spend money on Xmas trees anymore), saving time (spent on choosing the tree), and most importantly – by the issue of deforestation, which is believed to be a vandalism. Accordingly, positions are divided.

So what tree do you prefer? Natural or artificial?

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