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Do you write down your ideas?

March 24, 2018
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When faced with the eternal abyss of forgotten thoughts and brilliant shower epiphanies, the question emerges—do you write down your ideas? It’s a seemingly simple query that divides households, ends millennia-old friendships, and is perhaps the reason your favorite coffee shop has sticky notes plastered all over the walls. Let’s dive into why some choose to capture their fleeting thoughts while others let them roam wild in the mind’s savannah.

Why Some People Swear by Writing Down Their Ideas

The Digital Age Note-Takers

For the meticulous planners and organized souls, writing down ideas is as essential as breathing. With tools ranging from ancient papyrus to the latest app that pings you every five minutes to jot something down, some folks find solace in the tangible existence of their thoughts. A survey showed that a whopping 65% of people feel more accomplished when they check items off a physical or digital list. Who can deny the dopamine rush of striking through a task with a bold line?

The Fear of Losing the ‘Next Big Thing’

Imagine you’re the person who thought of combining a toothbrush with a tube of toothpaste but forgot to write it down. The horror! For the innovators and creators, losing what could potentially be the next big invention is no small fear. This crowd views the act of writing down ideas as a safety net for their brainchildren, ensuring that not a single potential viral sensation slips through the cracks.

The Romanticism of Journals and Diaries

Then there are those inspired by the likes of Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway, who maintained meticulous journals. For these romantics, writing ideas down is akin to breathing life into them, transforming fleeting thoughts into concrete plans or cherished memories. It’s about creating a legacy—ink on paper that whispers your name through the ages.

On the Other Hand: The Case for Keeping It All Upstairs

The Mind as a Steel Trap

Not everyone feels the need to scribble down every thought that crosses their mind. Some pride themselves on having a memory akin to a steel vault, where ideas are stored safely among grocery lists and every line from their favorite 90s sitcoms. For these folks, writing ideas down might feel like doubting their own mental prowess—a true no-go in the playbook of the mentally tenacious.

Creativity on the Fly

Ask a jazz musician if they write down their solos ahead of time and you might get a chuckle. This segment of the population thrives on spontaneity; they believe that the best ideas come in the moment, under pressure, and in response to the environment. Why would you chain such fleeting brilliance to the mundane physical world? Isn’t it cooler to live like a character in a beat poem, flowing from one inspiration to another?

The Philosophy of Impermanence

Buddhists talk about the impermanence of all things, and some take this to heart when it comes to their ideas. If an idea is truly good, it will come back, they argue. This laid-back approach can be appealing, especially in a world where the pressure to constantly ‘produce’ can be overwhelming. There’s something profoundly serene about not having to capture every thought. Plus, it saves on notebooks!

But Really, Why Choose?

The decision to write down or not to write down your ideas might hinge on your lifestyle, your memory, or how many times you’ve kicked yourself for forgetting that midnight brainwave about a novel. Whether you’re a digital note-taker, a journal lover, or someone who trusts their gray cells to do all the heavy lifting, each method has its charm and utility.

In a culture that often celebrates the end product, both approaches offer a refreshing focus on the process. It’s about how you engage with your own stream of consciousness and what makes you feel most comfortable in the unending dance of creativity and forgetfulness.

So, do you write down your ideas? Or do you let them marinate in the mystical stew of your mind until they’re ready to serve themselves up at the right moment? Whatever your method, just remember, the next great idea could be floating around the corner of your mind’s eye, waiting to be acknowledged or freely wandering until it’s time to shine.

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