Sex Symbols and Baby drawn
  • As early as possible. Ideally when asked, “where do babies come from?”
  • As a pre-teen, when interest in the opposite sex begins
  • Before their first day as a high school freshman
  • Not at all

Sexuality is an integral part of every person’s life, regardless of age. Your child grows and develops, and at some time, they can laugh with friends talking about “intimate body parts” and share “dirty” jokes. Such an interest in the sexual aspect of human life is natural, and children of all ages have questions related to this issue. 

Therefore, when the child is ready to ask questions, you as parents, must be prepared to answer. Yet most often it happens that children read their sexual FAQ somewhere on the side, without the parents. And good if this happens, for example, at school classes. Another thing is when the child gets new knowledge from the “advanced” friends on the street – this, psychologists advise, must be avoided by all means because distorted and sometimes perverted perceptions of one of the most important spheres of human life can subsequently cause the child significant problems in relationships with the opposite gender. 

Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to stick away the shame, if it engulfs you at the mere thought of the need to talk to the kids about this delicate topic. It is better to prepare for the conversation in advance, getting a good idea what exactly you answer to the child on the questions asked. After all, who, if not parents should introduce their child into an adult world. 

In addition, trusted conversations about serious things strengthen the emotional connection between the two generations, and this will help the child feel confident in later life. 

So, in your opinion, at what age you should start talking to your children about sex?

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