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How many dates should you have before sleeping together?

October 23, 2016
  • 1-3
  • 4-9
  • 10+
  • Only after the wedding
  • Zero, it doesn't need to be a date!

For most women, sex on the first date is a taboo. It can give the guy the impression that you are readily available, he’ll lose the fire of the hunter who seeks to conquer and subdue. And it is not always easy to prove later that you didn’t have a lot of sexual partners, that your man is “the only one” in the world. Because for this reason, some women are putting sex off to the very end. There are, of course, those who, in principle or from other beliefs (for example, religious, etc.) do not have sex with their chosen before the wedding. And only after the official marriage they have the opportunity to enjoy each other for the first time.

There are also those who do not have questions about the optimal number of dates before sex: for such people, the fact of dating also does not play a role. Some people habitually move to physical intimacy on the first meeting, be it consciously or not; and some wait a certain period, studies the chosen one, deepens the spiritual contact with them – and only then has sex with the other half.

And what do you think? How many dates should one have before having sex?

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