Intern man manager littered with work

How do you treat new hires?

September 28, 2017
  • I make them feel welcome and go out of my way to help whenever possible
  • Impartially, I don’t treat them any differently than I would the rest of my colleagues
  • I distance myself and avoid communication
  • As a potential threat to my position, I’d try to sabotage them
  • I boss them around and/or try to give them some of my workload

In life, it often happens that when you come to a new job and get into a new team, you become a newbie who knows and understands little. However, time passes, new and new people come to your team, and you already feel like an experienced worker who can give advice and help if necessary.

Yet, not everyone helps beginners at work, of course. In this case, the inner life of the team resembles an army. For example, one can bully a miserable newcomer as much as one wants, in order to remind oneself of being in their place. Jokingly or seriously “revenging” for the first days and further existence in this particular organization, because now one is no longer a beginner at work and these times have long since passed. Is this situation familiar to you? Perhaps you acted superior and were rigorous in relation to newcomers?

Others, on the contrary, seek to support newcomers and tell them what’s what: the better way to get to know colleagues, how to deal with a boss, etc. There are also people who are just trying to distance themselves from new employees to get rid of the extra troubles. In any case, over time, everybody will be familiar with each other and will see who is who. 

So, how do you relate to newbies at work?

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