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Are all people creative?

September 28, 2017
  • Yes, to an extent
  • No, this trait is absent in some

There are two main points of view on the creative personality. According to the first view, creativity or artistic ability is, to varying degree, inherent in every person. It is as inseparable from humans as the ability to think, speak and feel. Tellingly, the realization of creative potential, regardless of its scale, makes a person mentally developed. To deprive a person of this possibility means to form a neurotic condition. Some psychoneurologists even see the essence of psychotherapy in the treatment of neuroses by awakening the creative aspirations of a patient. 

According to the second point of view, not every person can be considered a creative person, or a creator. This position is linked to another understanding of the nature of creativity. Here, in addition to the unprogrammed process of creating something new, the value of a new result is taken into account. It should be socially useful, although its scale may be different. The most important feature of a creative person is a strong and steady need for creativity. A creative person cannot live without creating, seeing in it the main goal and the main content of their life. 

So, do you think all people are capable of being creative?

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