Are you a workaholic?

September 26, 2017

In the modern world, one has to work a lot, work hard and even take the work home. Such schedule is valued by many employers and is considered a prerequisite for success. However, on the road to the career fame, hard work is often transformed into a kind of work dependence. In particular, a person begins to devote all their time to business affairs, stays in office until late at night, and sometimes even sleeps there. In this case, it is customary to talk about a workaholic who is ready to work 24 hours a day, yet their main purpose is not to earn as much money as possible, rather simply to work as long as possible and more.

Of course, for some employers, such an employee will prove to be a very valuable find, because, if anything, they can always do the most difficult and sometimes not interesting tasks, and they will always fulfill them. You can be surely called workaholic if you spend all your time working at the expense of rest and communication with family and friends.

At moments of rest, the workaholic is anxious and wants to return to work. At weekends, such people are trying to give work at least a few hours and may even refuse the annual leave. In addition, workaholic perceives the failures in work close to the heart and, because of this, can even fall into depression. 

So, would you call yourself a workaholic?

  • Yes
  • Sometimes, it depends on the project
  • No
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More In Work

If you had to choose between a loving family or a highly successful job, which choice would you make?

March 28, 2018

Long ago, men went hunting, and women cooked food and were guardians of the family hearth. But the world does not stand still. And while there are arguments about whether the woman should work, a considerable number of representatives of the fair sex consider it expedient to independently make their way in life and rely only on their own forces. 

Also, some men refuse to head the family and delegate this function to their women. Given this, in today’s world, people face a serious choice of whether to build a career or to devote themselves to families and children. In the cult series “Sex and the City” there are good words about this: “I do not know how she does it” – about the mother of two children with a successful career, who managed to combine two lives in one. But imagine that you need to choose only one of two: either career or the family. 

In most cases, people who choose to prioritize their families choose partners who can provide their future, as well as the welfare of future children. This is mainly about women. In this case, the wife is taking care of herself, the house and the child. Under such conditions, she has more free time, tires less, and her husband and children cannot complain about the lack of care and attention. At first glance, there are plenty of pros, but there are obvious disadvantages, too. For example, a lack of self-accomplishment. In addition, there are risks. Even if your husband loves you dearly today, in several years nobody can guarantee that you have a harmonious family with him. 

Devoting their entire lives to building a career, creating material wealth and comfort for themselves, people often remain lonely, and therefore unhappy. Of course, advantages, in this case, include the possibility of self-fulfillment, increase of self-esteem, financial freedom. However, on the downside, the choice in favor of career involves a lack of free time and, most importantly, instability in relationships. Sure, career is important because it brings wealth and allows you to improve your self-esteem, to understand your own worth. Also, a person with a certain successful business receives moral satisfaction from the feeling of demand, they look confidently in the future, relying on financial independence. In addition, a career is an opportunity to immerse yourself in your hobby, to gain credibility and respect of others.

So if you had to choose – a family or a job, – what would you choose?


  • I’d choose a loving family
  • I’d take the highly successful job!

Are you ambitious?

February 11, 2018

Ambitions are the motives of a person, based on the need for success. They make us move forward reaching new horizons, and most importantly – striving for the goal.

Ambitiousness is undoubtedly a virtue only when it is backed up with something when a person has grounds for it. When there is nothing behind it and ambitions arise in an empty place – it looks funny, to say the least. By developing healthy ambitions, we become closer to our goal: to be better, to succeed, to lead others. When you aspire to certain goals, do you feel the inspiration and the inflow of internal energy? Perhaps it is these feelings that called ambitious energy.

The most important condition for ambition is to achieve goals. If you wanna plan, strive but do not achieve your goal, this will gradually lead to a denial of ambitious desires. First of all, ambitiousness is a constant desire for self-development and self-improvement. An ambitious person attends various trainings and seminars, reads professional literature since they understand that without development there will be no movement towards the goal. Such a person realizes the need to adapt to the changing environment and at the same time tries not to lose own individuality. They will always try to learn something new because new knowledge contributes to the future advancements.

So, do you consider yourself an ambitious person?

  • Yes
  • Sometimes, it depends
  • No

Are you great at first impressions?

December 28, 2017

At work, just as in everyday life, there are often moments when you need to be pleasant, to be remembered, to stand out, because something depends on it, something significant. People who are competent in building their professional image receive job promotions, higher wages, after all, have leverage and influence in the team. 

Also, those who can cause sympathy, at first sight, are surrounded by friends. As a rule, arriving into a new team, each of us wants to show ourselves in the most beneficial light and declare ourselves as a person who is a professional and capable of new accomplishments. It is in this case that we talk about the need for the ability to impress. 

Many people think that this skill is optional since over time you will still be discovered as an interesting person and a great professional. However, we are not always given two or three meetings to impress: often you simply have to charm a new boss or colleagues in a few hours or even a few minutes. 

So, in your opinion, are you able to make the necessary impression on people?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m not sure, I’d have to ask others