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Have you ever sexted?

December 29, 2016
  • Yes
  • No

Sexual SMS (sexting) is an excellent way to arouse a boyfriend or girlfriend, to get to a new level of relationship, provided you send them to the right person at the right time. If you have been in relationships for several months or even years, and during this time you have studied a person well, sexual messages can perfectly spice up your relationship, fuel a passion and a new wave of interest. If you are not in a relationship with a person but you really like them and you plan to have something more than just communication, this kind of communication can help you get closer. But not all people are impressed by this style of communication: in this case, one needs to be careful not to damage the relationship, not to scare the other person away. Who knows, maybe she will think you are not serious and only dreaming about how to seduce her and after reaching the goal would lose interest.

So how about you? Have you ever sexted?

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