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Has marriage ruined your sex life?

March 30, 2018
  • No, it’s even better than before
  • Somewhat, it’s a bit more bland or mechanical
  • Yes, my partner and I hardly have sex anymore
  • I haven’t been married long enough to know

Ah, marriage. It’s the culmination of fairy tales and rom-coms, where you ride off into the sunset with the person of your dreams, blissfully sharing a life together. But, does the “till death do us part” motto also apply to our intimate relations? The question on everyone’s lips (or, at least, in their private browser tabs) is: Has marriage ruined your sex life? Grab a cozy blanket, maybe a glass of wine, and let’s dive deep into this marital mystery.

1. “No, it’s even better than before!”

Some see marriage as a fine wine – it only gets better with age. Dr. Jane Anderson, a leading relationship therapist says, “The comfort and security in a marital relationship often allows couples to explore and understand each other’s desires more deeply.” Remember, marriage isn’t just about a white dress and a three-tiered cake; it’s a commitment, a promise to grow and evolve together.

Fun Fact: According to the National Institute of Health, couples who communicate openly about their desires tend to have more fulfilling sex lives. So, maybe the key is just talking more and… doing it more?

2. “Somewhat, it’s a bit more bland or mechanical”

young romantic couple bed

Okay, so not everyone thinks of their marital bed as the Las Vegas of intimacy. Between work, kids, and binge-watching the latest crime docuseries, things might feel a tad…routine. “The initial excitement and novelty might wear off with time, making sex more predictable,” comments Dr. Harrison Turner, a sexologist.

Curious Stat: A study from the Journal of Marriage and Family found that on average, married couples in the USA have sex about 51 times a year. That’s almost once a week! And hey, if you’re thinking it’s just “scheduled fun,” remember, your dentist appointments are scheduled too, but that doesn’t make your teeth any less shiny!

3. “Yes, my partner and I hardly have sex anymore”

It’s the whisper that some dread and others vocalize: the sound of crickets in the bedroom. But there’s no need for despair. “Married couples might experience dry spells, which can be influenced by various factors ranging from health issues, stress, to deeper emotional concerns,” says renowned relationship coach, Anna Rodriguez.

Did You Know? The American Psychological Association reported that 23% of married couples experience lengthy periods of celibacy. However, it’s essential to note that intimacy isn’t solely about the physical act. Emotional closeness, touch, shared experiences – all contribute to a sense of intimacy.

4. “I haven’t been married long enough to know”

Ah, the honeymoon phase! The butterflies are still fluttering, and the marriage license ink is still drying. According to Dr. Lila Green, “The first few years of marriage can be a time of exploration and setting patterns for the future.”

Surprising Stat: A study from Science Daily found that couples are most active in their intimate lives during the first two years of marriage. So, if you’re still on this early marital boat, enjoy the voyage!

The Bedroom Verdict

Life, with all its ups and downs, definitely throws some curveballs into our love lives. But whether you’re in the midst of a passionate storm or navigating calmer waters, remember that every marriage has its rhythm. The key is to keep the communication lines open, understanding each other’s needs and, most importantly, keeping the humor alive (even if it means laughing about how you both fell asleep during that “romantic” movie night).

Final Fun Fact: A Huffington Post survey found that couples who laugh together – in and out of the bedroom – report having a higher level of satisfaction in their relationships. So, maybe the old saying should be tweaked to, “Couples who laugh together, last together.”

To all the married (or soon-to-be) folks out there, here’s to finding your unique rhythm, chuckling at the quirks, and cherishing the journey. Whether it’s steamy or serene, remember, it’s all part of the grand marital dance!

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