Would you rather be a popular singer or successful writer?

March 23, 2018
  • 1. Popular singer
  • 2. Successful writer

In a world where career choices can be as varied as the flavors at your local ice cream shop, the decision between becoming a popular singer or a successful writer offers a uniquely sweet dilemma. Both paths shimmer with their own allure, beckoning to different corners of our aspirations and dreams. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these two vocations, exploring the harmonies and narratives that might sway your decision.

The Life of a Popular Singer

Imagine stepping onto a stage, the lights dim, and a sea of faces waits in anticipation. You grip the microphone, the music starts, and suddenly, you’re not just in the room—you’re everywhere, filling every corner with your voice. This could be your reality as a popular singer. It’s a life punctuated by applause, encores, and perhaps a little tinnitus.

A popular singer experiences the thrill of live performances, connecting with fans in real-time, and seeing their reactions firsthand. There’s an electrifying immediacy to singing that few professions can match. According to a survey, over 60% of young adults have at some point fantasized about winning a Grammy. Clearly, the allure of the spotlight is potent and widespread.

But it’s not all standing ovations and roses thrown on stage. Singers must navigate the complexities of the music industry, maintain their vocal health, and handle the pressures of public scrutiny. Still, for those with a passion for melody and a penchant for performance, these challenges are just the high notes in a rewarding career.

The World of a Successful Writer

Now, let’s turn the page to a different chapter: the life of a successful writer. Here, the applause is quieter, but the impact is profound. Writers craft worlds out of words, influencing thoughts, and shaping cultures. From the solace of your study, the tap-tap-tapping on your keyboard weaves narratives that can endure long past your lifetime.

Writing offers a form of expression that is deeply introspective and immensely powerful. A successful writer not only entertains but also enlightens, offering insights that can change the very way we perceive the world around us. Consider J.K. Rowling or Ernest Hemingway, whose books have become cultural touchstones, discussed in classrooms and book clubs across the globe.

Moreover, writers enjoy a flexibility that is the envy of many other professions. Want to work in pajamas at midnight? Go ahead. Feel like taking your laptop to a café in Paris? Bon voyage. A survey revealed that about 80% of writers appreciate the ability to control their environment and schedule. Plus, there’s always the potential of seeing your work adapted into a blockbuster movie or a binge-worthy series.

Why Choose Singing?

Choosing to be a popular singer is like opting for a front-row seat on the rollercoaster of fame. It’s for those who love the spotlight and have the stamina to keep up with its demands. Singing can be a pathway to incredible experiences, from collaborating with talented artists to touring exotic locations.

The emotional connection established through music is also a significant draw. Songs have the power to evoke deep feelings and memories, creating bonds with listeners that are both personal and profound. If you’re someone who feels alive in the crescendo of a chorus or the soulful depth of a ballad, this might just be your calling.

Why Opt for Writing?

On the flip side, writing appeals to the contemplative, the dreamers who find joy in solitude and the power of narrative. It’s suited for those who relish in crafting meticulous plots and developing characters that feel like old friends. Writers often influence society in subtle but impactful ways, through the themes they explore and the perspectives they advocate.

The satisfaction of a writer also comes from the legacy of their words. Unlike a song that fades when the last note is played, a book remains on shelves, ready to be revisited or discovered by new generations. For those who aim to leave a lasting imprint through the quiet power of prose, writing could be the ideal journey.


Whether you dream of commanding the stage with your voice or impacting the world with your pen, each choice offers its own set of rewards and challenges. As we’ve explored the lives of both a popular singer and a successful writer, perhaps you’ve found yourself leaning toward the resonance of a melody or the whisper of a page turning. Whichever path you choose, remember that the best career is not just about success—it’s about finding joy in what you do and sharing that joy with the world. So, which will it be? The microphone or the manuscript?

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