How do you feel about Italy’s intention to close the ports for migrants?

September 20, 2017
  • I support it, migration should be supervised and managed
  • I don't support it, the closure of ports means a catastrophe for migrants who are not to blame
  • Difficult to say

In June, about 12,000 migrants arrived within several days’ period to the Apennine area. Given this, due to a massive flow of migrants, the country plans to close its ports. It is a matter of prohibiting foreign ships from landing migrants from other countries in Italian ports. First of all, this concerns rescue vessels, which together with the Italian coast guard are rescuing migrants who try to get to Italy from Libya by sea, but ended in disaster. Quite often, rescue vessels involved in the operation belong to humanitarian organizations and go under the flags of various states, including Germany and Malta, but rescued migrants are set offshore only in Italy. In the end, Italy’s spokeswoman for the European Union, Maurizio Massari, in his letter to the Union leadership, said that the situation is getting out of control. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, in turn, accused other European countries of trying to ignore the problem. It is noted that the number of migrants arriving to Italy is at record high. Thus, in 2017, some 73,000 of migrants entered Italy, which is 14% more than during the same period last year. So, how do you feel about Italy’s intention to close the ports for migrants?

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