father children
  • Yes
  • No, they share the same significance
  • No, it’s actually more significant

In today’s world, Mother’s Day is a holiday when mothers receive proper appreciation for their love, care and sacrifice for the sake of their children. In many countries, along with Mother’s Day, there is also the Father’s Day, when children are expressing gratitude to the father who is the bearer of the family. Both of these holidays are popular in many countries, but for some reason, there is a stereotype that the Father’s Day is less significant than the Mother’s Day.

All arguments boil down to the fact that it is a mother who gives birth to the child: she bears the child under her heart during the long and difficult nine months and later, during life, is the closest and best friend for their child. But, you see, if it weren’t for the father, the mother would’ve never been able to have a baby. Dads mean as much for the birth of a child – and later on for their life – as mums do. Sometimes it happens that the father is the best friend and counselor for his child. So it’s all vary.

How do you feel? Is Father’s Day less significant than Mother’s Day?

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