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Should a husband and wife share the same life?

March 28, 2017
  • Absolutely. Their bond would be strongest in this situation
  • Not exactly the same, but they should at least have common values and interests
  • No, they’re not siamese twins. That would work to the detriment of the marriage
  • I’m not sure

The humorous proverb “husband and wife live the same life” has become a part of daily life. And it is used not only in the negative but also in the positive sense because in the families where the relationship between spouses is quite safe, as a rule, over time the partners borrow habits, beliefs, and views on life from one another. 

Naturally, these words in no way characterize the partners from a negative point of view; they testify to the fact that husband and wife, having lived a certain period of time in marriage, become more and more similar. So, when people live for a long time under the same roof and have family bonds, they constantly exchange energies, which results in their characters eventually getting closer and the differences become less noticeable and less prominent. 

A husband and wife in a marriage appear as a whole, as a single power. Marriage partners, in essence, fill each other and mutually influence the formation and development of the identity of their partner. And when this system of mutual filling disappears, problems begin. 

Of course, this statement also has different connotations since marriage quarrels are a consequence of selfishness in the family, and under such conditions, “Satan” reminds of itself. People tend to do everything for their own benefit, so even in the family they occasionally begin to demonstrate their own superiority and power. 

So, do you agree with the statement “husband and wife live the same life”?

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