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Firstlings are born in most cases already a year or two after the wedding. Some couples stop at this, and with a sense of fulfilled duty bring up, pamper and nurture their only child. But not everyone. In many families, in a few months or years after the birth of the first child, parents are carefully planning the second pregnancy. Although some do not even plan, it comes out of the blue, but they are thrilled because they didn’t have the spirit to decide on such a responsible step. 

But, what shall do those who leave no place for a chance in their life? How to decide on something that will yet again turn the life of the family upside down, as it was after the birth of the first baby? It would seem, the life has only just begun to get back to normal; the child grew up a bit and does not cause so much trouble. Parents have a lot more free time they can devote themselves to, and such matters as, for example, a trip to a resort or a cinema outing, or a visit to a restaurant – have become much less problematic. 

In some families, the appearance of the second child is postponed until the actual domestic problems are solved: acquisition of own housing; finishing the education by the parents; getting a better-paid job for the dad, and so on. Having decided on giving birth to a second (third, fourth) child, you give your children the chance to find a better friend, a close soul, a friend for life and a buddy for the childhood games. 

Also, there is an opinion that one child in the family grows up selfish. There are also people who are satisfied with one child. They for one reason or another do not plan for the birth of new children. This position is justified, for example, by that you will have half the time for yourself: for your hobbies, for meetings with friends, for taking care of yourself, for healthy sleep, etc. 

Also, the second child means another break in professional work, which cannot but harm the career. And, of course, the financial side of the question: will we be able to raise another one, will we cope with increased costs? 

So, what do you think about the second child: for or against?

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