Male lead vocalist singing in studio

Do you sing well?

March 23, 2018
  • Absolutely, I have the voice of a star
  • Not that well, but I can carry a tune
  • No, I sound like a dying cat

Do You Sing Well? Find Your Voice

singing in the karaoke bar on the stage

Singing, an art as old as speech itself, carries the power to move hearts, stir emotions, and occasionally, even break glass! Whether it’s in the shower, the car, or the center stage, almost everyone has tried their hand—or rather, their vocal cords—at singing. But how well do we actually sing? Let’s explore the different possibilities and maybe, just maybe, find out where we stand on the scale from star vocalist to… less melodious endeavors.

Absolutely, I Have the Voice of a Star

For those who hit the high notes as effortlessly as breathing, singing is not just a hobby; it’s a potential career waiting to be explored. You might find these individuals belting out power ballads at karaoke or mesmerizing a crowd at local gigs. With a voice that can only be described as ‘stellar’, they have what it takes to turn chairs on any singing competition.

singing in the karaoke bar on the stage man

Why would someone think they have the voice of a star? For starters, perhaps they’ve been compared to legends like Whitney Houston or Freddie Mercury. Or maybe they’ve received formal training, spending years honing their craft with vocal coaches. In fact, a survey showed that a significant number of professional singers began their musical journey before the age of 10. So, if you can sing the entirety of “Bohemian Rhapsody” without so much as a hiccup, you might just belong in this category.

Not that Well, But I Can Carry a Tune

Then there are those of us who may not have a record deal but can still hold a tune better than a binder holds papers. This group finds joy in singing, even if it’s just to the radio or as part of a community choir. Their voices might not make angels weep, but they can certainly add a layer of warmth to a family gathering or a friendly get-together.

Choosing this option might come from a place of modesty or realism. Maybe you’ve been known to harmonize well or sing a lullaby that actually keeps the kids in bed. Interestingly, statistics suggest that singing in a group, like a choir, can enhance one’s ability to match pitch and rhythm. So, if your singing is mostly in tune and occasionally garners a compliment or two, this might be your vocal residence.

No, I Sound Like a Dying Cat

And at the other end of the spectrum, we have the self-proclaimed ‘dying cats.’ Far from the spotlight of stardom, these individuals might claim that their singing could be used as a strategic defense mechanism. If you’ve ever been politely asked to stop singing or you find that even your shower head seems to protest your concerts, this might be your pick.

Why embrace this rather colorful description? It could be a mix of humor and humility. Maybe singing just isn’t your forte, and that’s perfectly okay. After all, not everyone needs to be a star singer to enjoy music. Plus, it’s said that recognizing one’s limits can actually be a sign of wisdom—and if that’s true, the ‘dying cats’ might just be the wisest of us all.


Whether you’re a nightingale or a not-so-melodious singer, what matters most is the joy and expression singing brings to you and those around you. From the stars to the tune-carriers to the enthusiastic vocal felines among us, each voice adds a unique note to the symphony of life. So, next time you sing, remember: it’s not just about how well you sing, but about the pleasure and the stories your singing brings. Who knows, maybe there’s a bit of a singer in all of us, just waiting for the right song.

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