• I support it, this is the right decision
  • I don't support it, this is regression in relations between the two countries
  • Difficult to say

US President Donald Trump canceled agreements with Cuba reached by former President Barack Obama. In particular, D. Trump’s Decree imposed restrictions on tourist trips and strengthened economic policy. First of all, it is about D. Trump’s abolishing the policy of “wet feet, dry feet,” which allowed Cubans who fled to the United States to apply for a residence permit within a year. The embargo will remain valid, too. Despite this, Embassies in Havana and Washington will work, US airlines and cruise liners will be able to carry tourists. However, individual trips of citizens to Cuba will again be banned. It is about the international exchange between countries. The US authorities will control such trips to make sure that the person is a representative of a tourist group and whether or not the travelers are really engaged in educational and cultural exchanges. According to D. Trump, the agreement of B. Obama with the Cuban politicians is “terrible,” it “sows violence and instability in the region.”

In addition, the President added that sanctions against Cuba would remain in force until the Cuban authorities release political prisoners, stop pressuring the dissidents and begin to respect the freedom of speech in the country. D. Trump believes that Cuba has received too many concessions, “deceiving” the US. In turn, the Cuban government condemned the new US president’s policy towards their state and regarded it as a “recession” of Cuban-American relations.

So, how do you feel about D. Trump’s decision to abandon relations with Cuba?

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